Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tulips in Garden Borders

Tulips in Garden Borders
Bedding in an intensive form of gardening and even when a proportion of the ground area covered is allocated to hardy perennials, the time, effort and costs associated with it are high.

Within the confines of small private garden, the approach has limited appeal, as the priority is to maximize the available space to create a pleasing image throughout the year.

The mixed border, where all conceivable types of plant are brought together to provide structure and year round interest, has evolved to fulfill this need.
A conventional flower bed would need to be repeatedly replanted with bulbs, early – and then late flowering annuals to maintain a similar continues display, with new plants being grown in a reserve are of the garden awaiting their turn in an endless cycle.

In Victorian times labor and space were available to make this feasible but rarely is that the case today.
Cramming tulips together in mass bedding schemes robs them of their individuality. In contrast, when freed to emerge in discrete clumps or drifts throughout garden borders they regain their inherent grace and character.

Subtle association can be developed between their individual flower shapes and their varied flower colors, and the plants that surround them.
Tulips in Garden Borders
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